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Wednesday 7:00 PM
Pilgrim Branch was founded in 1869 by a group of people who God assembled to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to a newly freed people. Many had come to Houston from Mississippi and Alabama after the end of slavery and located in Piney Point on the west side of Houston, Texas. They founded a church named Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Reverend Mack Austin. Several families saved some of the money that they earned and purchased farmland, eventually moving to the Northwest side of the county. The area that they relocated to was formerly called “the bottoms” because of its low lying position on Faulkey Gully. New families had to have a school, a church, and a cemetery. Thus, “the bottoms” was the site of the original Pilgrim Branch Missionary Baptist Church. Persistent problems with flooding caused the people to move further north to an area that became known as Kohrville, Texas.
Among the families coming together to establish the church were the Woods and the Blackstocks. Reverend Phil Blackstock was the first pastor of the church. Willis Woods donated land for the relocation of the cemetery and the church. Many courageous and devoted people worked hard to expand the kingdom of God in the region. 
God sent pastors who had vision to expand the church and to work with the saints who were committed to Christ. Here is a listing of those men as we know it; Reverend Phil Blackstock, 1896-1904, Reverend Runch Carr, 1904-1910, Reverend Simon Bryant, 1910-1911, Reverend M. S. Green, 1912-1966, Reverend Aaron Wheat, 1968-1977, Reverend Archie Cossey, 11months in 1977, Reverend E. L. Thomas, 1977-2000, Reverend Darrell Garrett, 2000-2008, and Reverend Herman L. Pickens, 2009-present.
God wants to reach people in northwest Harris County. We are a vessel to be used by Him. No matter how a church starts, God wants the church to reach and include all people. How do we know this? Because God is creator of all people! He is assembling his team. There is a place for you here at Pilgrim Branch. Some started a long time ago. Some came yesterday! Some will come next year! But whenever we come we will be part of the history of Pilgrim Branch. The history is still being written. Come and write your chapter!