Pilgrim Branch Missionary Baptist Church has established a variety of Ministries to assist, inspire, develop and educate members and friends of the Church using Biblical principles and lessons. While the activities of the Ministries vary widely, at their core is the focus on the need for participants to evangelize, pray, read God’s word and enjoy Him all of the days of their lives. A listing of the Ministries and their focus is shown below:
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Providing spiritual and emotional support to adult men to put them in the best position to meet the challenges of the world
Deacon board of Pilgrim Branch providing support to the Pastor and membership at large
Providing financial oversight for all church sponsored activities and events
Providing food and related supplies to families in need
Providing ministry activities for married couples in preparation for today’s challenges
Providing special support to the Pastor to ensure his basic needs are addressed
Providing growth and development opportunities through the medium of song and praise
Providing growth and development using dance as the spiritual vehicle
Providing special support to families and friends of the church and those in the local community in times of sickness and/or death
Providing assistance to the congregation during worship services and/or death
Providing ministry activities for women in preparation for the challenges that they face in everyday life
Directing youth with ministry activities in preparation for today’s challenges
Providing support and updating of the Website and Sound System for the Church